Your new life together as a couple begins the moment you say, "I do." Let's set the perfect mood for your vows. The altar of your ceremony can be enhanced with a custom structure and drapery. Add a chandelier for that extra "Wow!" factor. These beautiful structures can also be used over the wedding cake to make a luxurious statement at a reception.


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Drapery beautifully transforms any space. The addition of drapery can add drama to the ceiling of your venue or your tented reception. Draped entryways and backdrops add an element of decor; or a space can be completely changed with luxurious drape and lighting! Empty warehouses or family barns can become elegant ballrooms with the snap of our fingers. But believe us, it takes more than just that!

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Chandeliers put the "Fab!" in fabulous. These fixtures add a luxury décor element to your event. Dress your space with crystals or bring the chic to your event with wrought french iron. Whatever your style, we have something to offer!


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Outdoor events and casual spaces naturally lend their selves to café or globe lighting. Guiding your guests down a walkway or giving them a canopy to dance under really adds that element of warm welcome and whimsy to your event.

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Paint the walls or dance floor of your event with a magical pattern of light! Customize the gobo with your monogram or names and date. These patterns beautifully accent drapery, walls, ceilings or floors. Add them to the entrance of your event for a special accent.

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Lounge seating gives your guests a sense of home as they relax and enjoy the party. Casual or formal events use lounge furniture and bars to add elegance and individuality to any style event! From mirrored furniture to add glamour or rustic furniture to add a down-home feel, there are several styles from which to choose. 

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