Alex Garmon, owner of A.G. Lighting and A.G. Audiovisual companies, worked for more than 10 years in the industry as a lighting designer for concerts and tours all over the country. While attending the University of Alabama at Birmingham and majoring in engineering, it became apparent there was a local need for special event lighting. He opened his first company in 2005. His engineering background contributes to innovative designs and rigging that helps his clients realize their production goals. With a passion for technology, Alex always strives to offer the best quality equipment. His experience will truly set your event apart from the rest.


Since 1998, Jill has owned her own wedding planning and floral design company, Weddings by Jill. In 2012, Jill began working with clients of A.G. Lighting and A.G. Audio Visual as a lighting and draping designer. Jill's experience working with brides easily transitions to clients of A.G. Lighting as the common goal is that of a beautifully designed private event. Her most valuable contribution to a client of A.G. Lighting is helping them with customized fabrics, fixtures and furniture. Jill specializes in the design of tents events and the overall transformation of any space. She has enjoyed the honor of designing some of the most prestigious galas in Alabama through A.G. Lighting. 



Before joining A.G. Lighting as a sales person, Travis worked in full-service lighting production for more than 15 years. His experience includes handling shows for Fortune 500 companies, national tours, corporate events and conferences across the country. His approach to the customer, the venue and the staff is one of full commitment and service.